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ABS regional profile notes

Forbes planning

Lachlan Vintage Village on zoning map LZN005AB

Lachlan Vintage Village on lot size map LSZ005AB

Forbes 2007 draft growth management strategy

Draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012

Forbes draft development control plan 2012

Forbes flood levels information

Forbes township floodplain map DCP6

Forbes heritage map HER005AB

Forbes heritage map HER005ABA

Forbes zoning map LZN005AB

Forbes urban release map URA005A

Forbes lot size map LSZ005AB

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Central West region

Central West map

Land use options information

Satellite view of Lachlan Vintage Village

Land use opportunities & constraints

Land use & zoning options

River lake & moat map

Flood map

Vehicle traffic data

Water power & sewer map Lachlan Vintage Village

Full planning report (44.6MB)


Roads Maritime Services Western traffic data 2002

Bureau of Meteorology

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Forbes township in flood

Forbes township in flood, the Lachlan
Vintage Village can be seen in the distance